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Effie Edna Bryner

Effie Edna Bryner

Female 1885 - 1972  (86 years)


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Newspaper article on Bryner family survivability

[Note: Thank you very much to J. Bryner Fazekas for transcribing this article for the web site.]


Caption under picture: Despite advanced ages of this family, the oldest nearing 75 and the youngest near 55, death has taken none from their ranks, with the exception of their parents. Twelve children were born to Mr. and Mrs. William Bryner in Kewanee and ten of the twelve still live in Kewanee, two reside out of town. The above photo was taken at a family reunion last year (1940) and they are: front row, Charles Bryner, Kewanee; Mrs. May Wagy, Kewanee; George Bryner, Kewanee, the oldest in the family; Mrs. Celia Swan, Kewanee; and Earl Bryner, Rock Island, the youngest in the family. Back row: David Bryner, Kewanee; Mrs. Della Henry, Kewanee; Abram Bryner, Kewanee; Mrs. Effie Green, R. R. Kewanee; Harry Bryner, Kewanee; Mrs. Minnie Bauer, Kewanee; and Mason Bryner, of Lorain, Ohio.

By Charles O. Meier

Probably the oldest-largest family in Kewanee is the Bryner family. A family of twelve children are all living with ages ranging from 55 to 75.

All of the twelve children were born in Kewanee or Kewanee township to Mr. and Mrs. William Bryner, who moved here many years ago and first settled in Kewanee, later moving west of town for a number of years and then back to town. Mr. Bryner died in 1915 at the age of 83 and Mrs. Bryner died in 1921 at the age of 75.

The children all attended Kewanee schools and with no deaths of the children, and considering the age, makes it probably the largest and oldest family in this territory.

All but one of the Bryner family now have children, and their total numbers 38 children and a large number of grandchildren. Mrs. Della Henry is the only one of the group to be a great-grandmother.

The family consists of five girls and seven boys and they have witnessed many changes in Kewanee in their time. The family in order of age is George Bryner, Kewanee, who will be 75 years old in August; David of W. Prospect Street; Mrs. Celia Swan, Madison Avenue; Abram, corner Rice and Boss; Mrs. May Wagy, 521 Cambridge; Mrs. Minnie Bauer, S. Main; Charles, South Grace Avenue; Mason, Lorain, Ohio; Mrs. Della Henry 521 Cambridge; Harry, E. First St; Mrs. Effie Green, Rural Route, west of Kewanee; Earl Bryner of Rock Island, who is youngest and will be 55 this September.

The old family homestead is at 816 N. Burr Street, where nearly all the girls were married. All but David and Celia were married in Kewanee. These two took their vows at Cambridge.

Mason Bryner has been in Lorain, Ohio, for a number of years but manages to return regularly. Earl, located in Rock Island, left Kewanee only a few years ago and makes regular visits to Kewanee.

With all but these latter two located in Kewanee, whenever Mason comes here for a visit, it is a simple matter to have a family reunion. They contend that Mason always comes here unexpectedly, not writing first, but they do have a very full house when they do all get together, 12 children, 38 children’s children, many grandchildren and now the great grandchildren are coming in for their place in the family.

Mason Bryner has the largest family of the twelve with seven children and Harry on East First Street ranks second with five.

All of the family are in good health and are very proud of their family record.

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